The world is becoming more multicultural

According to the latest US Census data, children in America will grow up with no ethnic majority for the first time in history. Beyond the US and Europe, textured hair consumers are spread across the globe from the African continent, Latin America, South Asia to Middle east. However, it doesn’t mean that the beauty industry is ready to cater to these evolving demographics.

Innovation for this category remains stagnant

Today, it is estimated that 60% of the world have curly or textured hair. Whilst straight hair has benefited from years of research, innovation in the textured hair space remains stagnant. Textured hair is diverse, complex and has very specific needs. This means that the typical textured hair consumer is more likely to actively look for better solutions but less likely to find suitable options: 85% unsatisfied with their hair routines and 73% spending one hour weekly doing researching hair care. The consumer has long been vocal about their needs and wants. To create the product of tomorrow, brands must start listening to deeply understand of this customer. This begins with data!

Carra is powering advanced textured hair solutions

The Carra Textured Hair Engine™ is an award-winning machine intelligence platform with a mission to fast-track innovation in the Textured hair care ecosystem. By aggregating and mapping millions of signals of world’s textured hair dataset from diverse texture concerns, goals to reviews, we are building the richest and most powerful engine to generate invaluable insights and unlock better hair care solutions for this increasingly powerful consumer.

This in-depth report provides the ultimate blueprint on the textured hair consumer, uncovering a global perspective on areas where they remain dissatisfied and the needs which are yet to be addressed.

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