A new
language of
love for
textured hair

Meet Carra

Pronounced Car·ra
Latin derived word meaning LOVE

We're creating a joy-filled future for textured hair. We believe that all it takes is the right tools and knowledge. Product recommendations tailored to your needs. Unbiased, expert advice whatever your style and support when you need it. Start the journey and fall in love with your hair!

The Carra Code

Rules we live by

  1. All about you

    Your hair is our love.
    We serve you because we are YOU.

  2. Banished forever

    Dreary washdays and the idea of ‘problem’ hair. Yuk, no thanks.

  3. Transforming…

    The textured hair experience. We will always uplift you.

  4. Zero hype

    Our currency is trust. We’re here to give unbiased recommendations.

  5. Knowledge is power

    No more overwhelming choices. Buy wise, buy less.

  6. Asymmetry is cool…

    And gravity-defying hair? We think it’s a superpower.

  7. Here’s to us

    Here’s to showing up as your whole self. Every time.

  8. Big hair, big love

    This is a new kind of love and self-acceptance. Shakespearean levels.

  9. This is a journey worth taking.

    To pour love
    To enjoy
    To feel free
    A sense of glee
    To show up as own authentic selves


I want to help women reconnect with their hair in a joyful, celebratory way.
Let’s banish wash day dread once and for all!

Winnie Awa

What our community are saying!

Our overall rating is 4.8 stars from 24 reviews

Can’t recommend it enough

So so good! Can’t recommend it highly enough. The first time speaking to someone who knew so much about my hair and about product ingredients and the effects they can have. This is amazing!

Anna (London)

Hair changing and life changing

It was hair changing and life changing. I had all the wrong information. Even though I spent hours on Youtube... Really hours! Thank you for your service. It’s been really helpful and I have to say that its the first time someone was that precise and offered me some advice on my issues, taken seriously. If I had to use your service again I would do it without any hesitation. I will recommend it to anyone.

Laurene (France)

My hair is easier

So valuable to have someone help me with my hair type because every information we get from the internet is mostly generalised. My hair is easier to detangle and my scalp less itchy.

Sharonda (Berlin)

So much more than expected

This is amazing, thank you so much. I really got a lot from the consultation, and the report is so much more extensive than I imagined. I am so happy to have done this, thank you and really look forward to booking another appointment to follow-up once I am further along into my routine.

Jennifer (London)

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