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  • How does Carra work?

    We start by learning a bit about you via our short but thorough questionnaire. This helps us understand your hair texture, the products you currently use, your goals and any concerns. Then you’ll get a video appointment with your Carra Hair Coach who will do an in-depth analysis of your hair. Once you have had your first session, your Carra Hair Coach will create a personalised routine and expert advice and product recommendations all tailored to you. The great thing is that it does not stop there. Your Carra Hair Coach remains on hand, giving you ongoing dedicated support with your hair goals. You can think of her as your BFF, backed by science.

  • Does my Carra Hair Coach need to see my hair in person?

    Nope! Understanding the characteristics of your hair and how it behaves enables us to provide you with expert advice, routines and product recommendations all tailored to you.

  • How many sessions do I need with my Carra Hair Coach?

    Your Carra Hair Coach is there for as long as you need. In your first session, your coach will be able to assess your current needs and then suggest the recommended plan to help you meet your goals.

  • What types of products does Carra recommend?

    Carra recommends the best products for afro, coily, curly textured hair. We work off a tightly curated list of high performing brands for textured hair. Our experts aren’t affiliated to a brand and don’t take commission which means they can give you unbiased recommendations purely based on what’s best for you.

  • How do I view my personalised advice and routine?

    Following your session, you will be able to view your advice, recommended routine and products when you log into your account. You will also be able to message your Carra Hair Coach directly with any questions following any of your sessions.

  • How are products selected for me?

    Your product recommendations are selected based on the unique characteristics of your hair, together with your hair goals and concerns.

  • What if I am happy with some of my current routine?

    If you love a product, we don’t swap it out. We are here to advise and optimise your routine for the best experience. Your Carra Hair Coach will take this into account when analysing the products in the routine.

  • Will I be able to purchase all my products from Carra?

    Yes, absolutely. You can check out with one click via the product recommendations section of your customer profile. We work with multiple brand partners who make sure that your products are shipped directly to you.

  • What if I have questions on either my routine or products?

    You can easily message your Carra Hair Coach with any questions directly from your account. They will be on hand to cover your questions as well as provide ongoing support for you.