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The 9 Types of Alopecia

The recent Oscar-gate has put the spotlight on Alopecia, bringing much needed awareness and highlighting the importance of educating ourselves about the condition. Let’s take you through the different variations of alopecia, and what to look out for.

Jess's Textured Tale

In this segment we take a deep-dive into Carra marketing intern Jess's personal hair story.

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Soraya's Textured Tale

In this segment we take a deep-dive into Carra data scientist Soraya's personal hair story.

Winnie's Textured Tale

In this new blog series we take a deep dive into Carra CEO Winnie's personal hair story.

A Personal Perspective On Hair Loss

We went LIVE with influencer and entrepreneur Gina Atinuke Knight to talk about the bald, the bold and the beautiful. Gina’s personal story has educated and inspired us on the topic of hair loss, and we just had to share her nuggets of wisdom with you too!

The Real Truth About Hair Growth

We debunk all the major hair growth myths and legends with trichologist Ebuni Ajiduah.

Why Should You Invest In Carra?

Consider us the shortcut to your hair goals.

What The Heck Is Winter Haircare?

What exactly is winter hair care? Carra hair coach Kemisade gives us the down-low on how to deal with changes to your hair in the colder months, from upping your leave-in conditioner, to whether you should tuck your hair away or not.

What are Toxic Ingredients? Are they an Issue of Science or Dosage?

What makes an ingredient toxic? We talk hair relaxers, parabens, sulphates and more with cosmetic chemist Tumi Siwoku.

Cracking the Code to Scalp Health with Dr Mary Sommerlad

We’ve cracked the code to scalp health together with Dr Mary Sommerlad, a UK trained dermatologist based in London, who has offered her professional insight on the topic of scalp health, and we’ve wrapped it all up in a nice blog post for you. 

Meet Our Hair Coaches

We want you to get to know our Carra hair coaches. So we're breaking the ice with this post, introducing you to Mónica and Kemisade and how they are able to recommend the best care for your hair.

I’m Giving My Hair a Break

I’ve got to admit, when I booked my Carra Hair Coaching session I went in with a bit of a big head.

The Science of Textured Hair

Out of all the hair types, textured hair has so much versatility, it’s impossible not to try every style and shape imaginable.

From Biotin to Telogen: The Ultimate Glossary of Textured Hair & Ingredients

There is so much to learn when it comes to textured hair. Our rich and diverse practices, ingredients and products can only mean one thing: a rich and diverse glossary of all the terms you really ought to know.

Understanding Your Hair's Growth Phases

There are a lot of urban legends surrounding hair growth - more so than any other hair topic, we think. A magical pill that catapults strands to record lengths? Or how about a viral challenge promising to grow it from chin to chest in a week, thanks to an upside down scalp massage?

What the heck is my hair type? Hair Type vs Hair Condition

Sometimes it feels like there are endless descriptions our hair can be slotted into - a bit of an information overload.

Why Is My Hair Dry AF?

The raggedy scratchy ends. The way it flops and sits sadly, devoid of light and love. No matter what your natural type and texture is, nobody is 100% safe from the curse of dry hair.