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Texture Gap Report 2023

The most comprehensive and data-driven profile of the Type 4 textured hair consumer. 

"There´s never data to support what we need, how we shop, what we do, and what our practices are. Folded into that is unconscious bias against a vast community of people who are often invisible. Data will help support and give actual information and knowledge of who we are ."

Tracee Ellis Ross


(Source: McKinsey)

What is in this report?


The Texture Gap report presents a data-driven profile of Type 4 textured hair consumers using our Carra Textured Hair Engine™. Through machine learning analysis and domain expertise, we identify common concerns and themes related to textured hair.

This bottom-up approach reveals unknown trends and authentic consumer conversations, providing valuable insights into their needs and preferences.


Why Type 4


Type 4 are driving online conversations with 62% YoY growth: 8x more than all hair types

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growth in 'Hair Loss' conversations

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more likely to experience breakage

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Type 4 users have four or more hair concerns compared to Type 2

What’s behind this report?

Powered by The Carra
Textured Hair Engine

  • Award-winning proprietary consumer intelligence platform
  • 10 Million data points from social conversations, our proprietary hair diagnostic and product data including brand, reviews, ingredients information

Machine learning + Rich
domain expertise

  • State-of-the-art unsupervised machine learning models to structure the various topics, identifying theme clusters, common pain points and shared concerns
  • Enriched and validated by our rich domain knowledge allowing us to refine insights and place them in the appropriate context

Deep Insights, directly
from the consumer

  • First-hand insight into consumer-driven dialogue, needs and suggestions
  • Our bottom-up approach allows us to uncover unknown themes and trends - the topics they’re genuinely interested in, from hair types to texture, concerns to goals, tools to styles, products to reviews

A global community

How brands can use this report

  • Brands

    We provide an in-depth understanding of the Type 4 consumer. Their concerns, preferences and attitudes. Uncovering nuances in hair care routines, product usage, and habits for textured hair consumer groups Identify market gaps, product innovation and growth opportunities based on unmet consumer needs and trends analysis.

  • Formulators and product developers

    We decode consumer product requirements and considerations based on their concerns, routines and challenges. Understand the innovation opportunities for the next generation of hair care products for this user

  • Marketers

    Marketers gain insights into the nuanced consumer psychology of this consumer by understanding their goals, their pain points and the complex relationship with their hair. Get equipped to power adequate representation and impactful messaging for the Type 4 consumer.