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Thank you Carra

I honestly can’t believe I was doing it all wrong. Since having my consultation, my hair is so much more moisturised and easier to style. Thank you Carra for guiding me in.

Winnie (London)


My hair is easier

So valuable to have someone help me with my hair type because every information we get from the internet is mostly generalised. My hair is easier to detangle and my scalp less itchy.

Sharonda (Berlin)


Excited to start my new routine!

Hey! I wanna thank you for giving me such a wonderful hair consultation 😍♥🙏 and I cannot wait to know about my new hair routine 🥺. AGAIN THANKS FOR EVERYTHING LITERALLY I ENJOYED IT 😩🙏♥️ btw when will you send the new routine for me ? because I am really excited I just wanna started by tomorrow 😂♥️

Taif (Muscat)


A plan and products tailored to my hair goals

It was focused to my hair needs and was provided with a bespoke plan and recommendation of products that works best with my hair goals. Monika was great and gave lots of tips of do’s and don’ts which will transform my hair care.

Victoria (London)


High level customer service

Really liked the level of detail, ability to answer questions, willingness to provide requested information in the report and just generally high level customer service.

Leanne (London)


My coach was fantastic

Tola was fantastic. Really listened and gave good advice.

Jane (Newcastle)


In-depth explanations

She confirmed what I had already thought. It was very in depth.

Susanna (London)


Knowledge with a personalised touch

I liked the knowledge and personalised touch. My hair is less dry and I just received my protein treatment this morning so will be using it this weekend! I consistently refer back to the notes and you tube videos which have been really helpful. I am getting a lot better with my two strand twists as my styles are lasting 4-5 days without needing touch up which is great as I am manipulating my hair less! :-)

Juliet (London)


Can’t recommend it enough

So so good! Can’t recommend it highly enough. The first time speaking to someone who knew so much about my hair and about product ingredients and the effects they can have. This is amazing!

Anna (London)


So much more than expected

This is amazing, thank you so much. I really got a lot from the consultation, and the report is so much more extensive than I imagined. I am so happy to have done this, thank you and really look forward to booking another appointment to follow-up once I am further along into my routine.

Jennifer (London)


Like a well clued-up friend

The consultants were welcoming and fun which made the conversation feel like it was with a friend well-clued up on hair.

Izzy (Madrid)


Very specific to me

Very thorough, the information was very specific to me, very nice and friendly coach. Knowledge of products made me feel confident about the advice.

Lara (London)


I have already recommended it!

The time taken to help me analyse my goals and regimen. Really friendly people and attentive - already recommended to my sister who also went for a consultation :)

Wendy (London)


My coach was knowledgeable

Specific recommendations, very comfortable conversation, coach seemed very knowledgeable.

Soraya (Amsterdam)


Straight forward advice, actionable tips

The straight forward nature of the advice, and actionable tips, the person who consulted me was very warm and nice.

Jade (London)


Very informative

It was very informative.

Naadia (London)


Hair changing and life changing

It was hair changing and life changing. I had all the wrong information. Even though I spent hours on Youtube... Really hours! Thank you for your service. It’s been really helpful and I have to say that its the first time someone was that precise and offered me some advice on my issues, taken seriously. If I had to use your service again I would do it without any hesitation. I will recommend it to anyone.

Laurene (France)


The perfect sidekick

Carra is the perfect sidekick to accompany your healthy hair journey. With just one session, the hair coach has given me tailored, scientifically-backed recommendations - many of which I’ve already integrated into my hair care routine!

Loyce (London)


Educational and empowering!

It was so educational. So many myths busted and I feel empowered.

June (London)


The consultants were lovely

For both my free consultation and paid, the consultants were lovely, welcoming and made me feel at ease. Helped me develop a new hair care routine.

Emma (London)


Great to talk to someone about my hair

I liked talking to someone about my hair and products to improve the condition.

Adrienne (London)


Very clear explanations

They spent time explaining everything very clearly.

Paulette (London)


End-to-end help and answers

I like the end to end help, all the great answers to all my questions.

Fanni (London)


Knowledgeable coach

I like how knowledgeable my coach was on all aspects discussed.

Dami (London)