The Texture Gap Report 2023


The Texture Gap report presents a data-driven profile of Type 4 textured hair consumers using our Carra Textured Hair Engine™. Through machine learning analysis and domain expertise, we identify common concerns and themes related to textured hair. This bottom-up approach reveals unknown trends and authentic consumer conversations, providing valuable insights into their needs and preferences.

By examining real-world behaviours and online discussions, we gain a deep understanding of the Type 4 consumer. Our report explores their diverse hair textures, goals, concerns, and preferences for tools, styles, and products. This unique approach allows us to address their specific needs and uncover opportunities to better serve them.

With a focus on consumer-driven dialogue, the Texture Gap report goes beyond traditional surveys. It uncovers genuine insights into the Type 4 consumer's dialogue, needs, and suggestions, enabling us to address their pain points effectively. Consider this report the ultimate blueprint for the Type 4 consumer. Be inspired by every word and image.

In this report:
  • A data-driven profile of the Type 4 consumer
  • What the Type 4 consumer wants, needs and hopes for
  • The obstacles standing between them and their hair goals
  • Their routines and styling rituals
  • The products that currently line their shelves, and the ones they wish existed
  • And, the most important part: our strategic advice for closing this Texture Gap for good
  • Based on a global data set, over the last 5 years





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