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Meet Our Hair Coaches

We want you to get to know our Carra hair coaches. So we're breaking the ice with this post, introducing you to Mónica and Kemisade and how they are able to recommend the best care for your hair.

Who are the Carra Hair Coaches?

Our hair coaches are experts in the field of textured hair care!

They are trained in the science of hair care, have extensive understanding of hair care products, the ingredients that they contain and their effects. They have years of experience in hair care coaching, including the care of children's more delicate follicles and strands.

Meet Kemisade


Kemisade has over 15 years of experience as a professional textured hair educator and stylist.


Since 2012 she has been focusing especially on haircare for afro textured children, inspired by her own search for suitable hair products for her daughter.

Important to her practice

She believes that haircare for children should be simple, easy, effective and safe and stress free for both children and their parents. For her this starts with the right ingredients used, which should be free from harmful chemicals, allergens and preservatives.

Meet Mónica


Monica has been a professional curly hair educator for 5 years.


She is OBSESSED with de-mystifying curly hair care from a science-based point of view.

Important to her practice

Mónica believes that curly girls can't afford to waste any more time with damaging hair care practices and it all starts with better understanding and knowledge that goes beyond any hair care methods or brands... She wants to help black women break the cycle of underwhelming results and become their very own ‘curly hair specialist’.

Hear form Mónica herself

How can our coaches analyse your hair without touching it?

Understanding the characteristics of your hair and how it behaves enables us to provide you with expert advice, routines and product recommendations all tailored to you.

What do our coaches use to analyse your hair?

A combination of 3 things allow our coaches to analyse your hair (and yes, without touching it!)

  1. Your hair diagnostic
  2. Your 1:1 coaching session
  3. Their expertise in science & formulation

What is a hair diagnostic?

To help us understand your hair’s texture, needs and current routine, we ask you to complete a hair diagnostic. This is a special questionnaire that covers everything from what your current hair routine is, to what your styling practices are, and what your relationship with your hair is like. 

So you really don't need to touch my hair?

Nope! Understanding the characteristics of your hair and how it behaves enables us to provide you with expert advice, routines and product recommendations all tailored to you. 

Everything in your body shows signs and symptoms of what's going on, and the same goes with your hair! Our coaches have 20 years of curly and textured hair experience between them. Our coaches understand the science and formulation side of things so can usually understand how a new product will work for different textures. In addition we track thousands of brands, products and ingredients in the market to ensure that we are always giving the best recommendations. We aim to empower you with the tools and products to care for your hair and you can trust our coaches to look after you.

Hear the details from our coach Kemisade 

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