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Soraya's Textured Tale


Heritage: Black - African
Hair: Type 4C

My biggest struggle has been feeling comfortable with my natural hair and knowing how to care for it. Growing up in Austria I always struggled that my hair did not conform to eurocentric beauty standards. When I was around 13 I tried to straighten my hair with one of those very chemical creams. Not surprisingly I never really achieved the look I wanted and it left my hair substantially damaged. 

Since then I was mostly wearing my hair in braids - usually going from one set of braids to the next with very hardly any breaks in between. This seemingly allowed me to minimize my hair care time as I always had an active lifestyle, while assimilating as much as possible. I only recently started to rediscover my natural hair. Partly forced by the lockdown measures I went natural and started to educate myself on how to best care for them without a protective style. After streaming many videos and wasting a lot of money on products I soon learnt how difficult it is to find reliable advice. 

When Winnie reached out to me and introduced Carra, I was immediately keen. Ahead of my first session I was a bit nervous and partly embarrassed by my lack of knowledge and the learnt bad habits - but my hair coach was very compassionate, assured me that I was not alone and after the session I felt empowered and was eager to apply all the new products and information in practice. I’m very happy with my progress so far - I finally found products that work for me, learned how to take better care for my hair and tried new styles. My biggest learning was probably how many of us go through a similar process! I’m still learning and it’s not always easy - but my hair feels so much healthier and softer and I finally started to love my hair and have fun with it.

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