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What The Heck Is Winter Haircare?


  1. What is winter haircare?
  2. How does a change in weather affect the hair?
  3. Why leave in conditioner should be your winter boo
  4. Should I tuck my hair away in the winter?
  5. How do I stop frizz under my winter hats?

Key Points

  • Your hair can become dry and brittle as the environment and temperature changes from extremely cold outside, to hot central heating inside.
  • Hair needs more moisture in your routine in the winter, so leave in conditioner is your best friend in these colder months!
  • Tucking your hair away, or putting it in protective styles in the winter, is not always necessary to protect your hair from the cold, so long as you're moisturising your strands enough.
  • Friction and frizz from wearing wooly winter hats, can be solved with a small dab of leave in conditioner on your edges, before putting on your hat!

What is winter haircare?

You often hear about people switching up their hair routines when their hair undergoes a big change, like dying it a new colour, or chemically processing the strands. But did you know that winter and colder temperatures also present a huge change to your hair and its overall health? In our Instagram LIVE, we chatted to Carra hair coach Kemisade about winter haircare, and got the down-low on what that really means. Read on to discover why your locks may need a little more TLC!

How does a change in weather affect the hair?

Do you ever notice your hands becoming chapped and dryer in colder weather? What if we told you the same thing is happening to your hair right now…Similar to your skin, in extreme weather conditions your hair will react accordingly. Your hair can feel dry and brittle in the winter time because of constant changes in temperature and environment, from extremely cold weather outside, to much hotter temperatures when you wack on the central heating at home. These constant changes can cause changes to your hair, meaning your strands will need a little more attention than usual…

Why leave in conditioner should be your winter boo

Dry and brittle hair can be a struggle. But there’s a simple fix to it, and that’s more moisture! Leave in conditioner is your best friend in the winter months. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you should use specific deep conditioners accordingly. Carra hair coach Kemisade suggests thick custard-textured deep conditioners for those with thicker hair strands, whilst those with finer hair should use lighter conditioners, to avoid weighing the hair down! Kemisade stresses reading the label on your deep conditioner, so you're not leaving it in longer than you should… we know the temptation to deep condition and then run errands and go about your day, leaving it in for longer than suggested! The longer you leave the product in your hair, the more water your hair absorbs, causing it to expand and weaken the strands if left in for too long. This can cause the hair to become brittle and break easily over time. Avoid this and also overnight deep conditioning, we promise you’ll thank us later! 


Should I tuck my hair away in the winter months?

There’s a common belief in the textured hair community that you should tuck your hair away in the winter months, often by putting it in protective styles. Whilst this can be beneficial - protective styles should prevent you from manipulating your hair everyday, giving your strands a much needed rest - this rule is not set in stone! Kemisade reveals that sometimes protective hairstyles can do more damage than good, if they mess with your hair line. As long as you’re keeping your strands well moisturised in the colder winter months, then you can rock your hair in whatever way you choose!

How do I stop frizz under my winter hats?

We know that hats + curly/textured hair can often be a recipe for disaster. The hair can become dry, static and frizzy from friction caused by your wooly hats. Kemisade suggests dabbing a small amount of leave in conditioner on the edges of your hair to prevent friction, before putting them on!


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