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Jess's Textured Tale


Heritage: English and South Asian
Hair type: Type 2b-2c

Hey! My name’s Jess and I’m of English and Indo-Trinidadian heritage so my hair seems to be a mishmash of caucasian and South Asian genes. I have pretty loose curls, with my waves ranging from 2b-2c at the moment. 

I remember getting teased in primary school for putting vaseline in my hair, not knowing how else to tame the frizz of curls I didn’t yet know how to take care of. I've found it challenging finding products and a routine that work for me as my curls have become looser as I’ve gotten older - probably because of excessively straightening my hair in secondary school and then bleaching and dying it on a whim for the past 3 or 4 years (big regrets!).

The biggest WOW moment for me and my hair was when I learnt that oil is not actually moisturising for hair after my Carra session. I used to slather coconut oil on my hair religiously as this was what my mum and her mum were taught to do, yet whilst it was a quick fix for flyaways, my hair would always remain very dry. Since learning this, the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my hair are reduced frizz, and more shine as I’ve switched from oil based to water based styling products following my session! Not only this but I'm starting to see way more curl definition as I've ditched the straighteners and begun to embrace my natural curls.

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